Here’s a Quick Way to Prevent Mistakes

For Really Big MistakesHave you ever picked up a new tool, approached the task, and instantly saw the results you intended? Or joined a friend for their favorite sport and exceled instantly during your first try? Pretty good feeling, right? Happen often? Nope. There is a learning curve for pretty much everything.  If you want to learn a new gadget, hobby, sport, or life-changing habit, you generally have to go through some frustrations before seeing the desired results.

It is true that with age comes wisdom. This is because mistakes were made and we learn from them. Here’s a thought: people in your network have made blunders and would be glad to teach you about how to avoid these same mistakes. I personally pick the brains of many Financial Professionals to gain insights on what slip-ups to avoid. I learn many strategies on how to handle my day-to-day business that will create value for my clients, make my career sustainable, and better my overall life. Yes, skills learned from jobs translate to day-to-day life habits.

What You Will Do

  • Speak to five people in your network and ask them about how their work skills benefit their daily lives.
    • Ask them what growing pains they experienced in learning these skills and what advice they would give to someone trying to learn those skills.

Speak to your family, friends, colleagues, in-laws (you’ll get brownie points), or people that you want to add to your network. Please share your experiences in the comment section and I will report back with my social study in my next blog post.


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