5 Tips to Build Better Rapport at Networking Events

“Can I have your business card?”

“Why? You don’t even know who I am!?”

Networking events are filled with many different characters. There is always the person who “throws up” on you and discusses why they are so great and how they have “the perfect opportunity specifically for you.” Then there are the people that are there to strictly generate leads. “Can I have your card? Can I have your card? Did I ask yet if I can have your card?”

business caredsThe people that go home with the most opportunities and actually enjoy these events are Continue Reading


Pulling Off a Perfect Proposal

Significant life events excite everyone, especially whIMG_3098en you create a deadline for one. The preparation and anticipation leading up to the deadline motivate you to put your head down and do whatever it takes to pull off the memorable event. My recent self-imposed deadline happened when I proposed to my ex-girlfriend; who is now my fiancée! Just like any other big task that needs addressing, planning a proposal proved challenging which tested me to problem-solve on the fly as well as handle my enthusiasm secretly so I didn’t spoil the surprise. Continue Reading