My Quarter-Life Crisis and How to Install “YourNameHere” 2.0

Greetings Dan 1.0,NapoleonHill

Dan 2.0 here. As a heads up, you’re about to install some software updates. And it’s going to suck. You’ll go through some struggles, some crises, and some bad luck.

Let me assure you, it’s worth it. Your bad days all occur to make you stronger, more durable, and more mentally conditioned. Let the tears flow, let your frustrations overwhelm you, and pick yourself back up. Keep trying.

Dan 2.0 feels good and I’m looking forward to experiencing Dan 3.0. And, it’s probably going to suck installing the upcoming updates as well.


Dan 2.0

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How Women Can Navigate Male-Dominated Workplaces: Five Interviews with Inspiring Females

Attention ambitious women! Times are changing and we’re seeing more women accomplish great things in the working world. Many workplaces provide accommodating environments to support, challenge, and grow young female professionals. Sadly, not every workplace is perfect.

Keep reading to learn how some women who I admire are navigating their own careers when confronted with workplace challenges. And they shared advice on how men can help women as well.

This topic of women in the workplace came to me because multiple female contacts asked me for advice or vented about the obstacles they experience on a day-to-day basis. This issue perplexed me because I couldn’t relate to their circumstances. This project opened my eyes to this issue and I’m excited to provide some advice for others dealing with similar struggles.
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What’s on Your Summer Reading List?

Summertime calls for a good book. Once you find yourself by a pool, in a plane, or you have a lazy afternoon, instead of reaching for your phone or the remote, try picking up a good old-fashioned book.

Remember those summer reading lists in high school? Your English teachers decided which books you were going to read; but now, you get to read whatever you want! There’s a plethora of material at your disposal so take advantage of a good story or learn something new. Don’t let the countless options deter you. There’s a topic you’re fascinated by and we challenge you to dive into a book on that topic.

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Sharpen Your Focus

It takes effort to focus. In a world filled with distractions you need to take ownership over your ability to concentrate. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Here are some examples:

  • A factor to Twitter’s success is that tweets are limited to 140 characters.
  • A new social media app called Vine allows users to share videos which are only six seconds long.
  • A friend shares a YouTube video that’s five minutes long and you immediately cringe at the video’s length.
  • Golf and classic board games are losing their appeal to younger generations.
  • A large number of behind the wheel look down while driving because they’re fidgeting on their phones.
  • Books and articles are featuring larger print, shorter chapters, and are sometimes broken up into spaced-out sentences so the reader feels like they’re conquering the material quickly.
    • One of my favorite Family Guy quotes is from Lois Griffin explaining Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code:

      “Oh and the chapters are only about two pages long so you feel really smart when you read it.”

  • Did you check your phone or open a new internet tab while reading the beginning of this article? (At least you made it this far!)

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Your Year in Perspective

Your personal story is about to conclude another chapter. Just like being engrossed in a good book, you don’t usually analyze the last chapter because you’re eager to discover what’s next.

Unlike a good book, you’re the author of your personal story. What twists and turns do you want in your future chapters?

During this time of year it’s common for many articles to focus on how to make next year door chartbetter and more productive.  Yet, so few encourage you to understand why this last year counts towards your personal story.

My challenge to you is to slow down and take a look at your calendars from the past year and list out the significant events – good and bad – and define why this last year mattered.

Well-Rounded Success’ first ever exercise is free and if you click this link, you’ll have access to print it to complete on your own.

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Earn That Milestone!


What do you need to do to reach your milestone? You already know.

Goals, dreams, aspirations, and future accomplishments are in your sights, yet, so many of you let insecurity and uncertainty prevent you from taking necessary action. That very mindset plagues me as well. However, a commitment to persevere can motivate you to conquer one milestone after another.

Disclaimer: You won’t find any tricks in this writing which identify shortcuts to reach milestones any easier. You’ll only find principles to help you along the way. It’s your job to work hard so you can look back on that daunting task that proved challenging and know with pride that you earned that milestone! Continue Reading

The Benefits of Becoming a YoungPro Elite Chapter President

In my businesses, gaining trust is

You don’t gain trust by sitting in your office, waiting for the phone to ring or an email to arrive in your inbox. You gain trust by adding value to the relationships that you intentionally preserve.

I chose to lead this YoungPro Elite Chapter since I’m proactively growing my businesses and searching for new opportunities and clients.

YPE-Logo-VerticalYoungPro Elite also gives me the opportunity to grow professionally.

I’m lucky that numerous mentors, who are older than I am, sit down with me to give me their advice, but there is a lifestyle gap in these meetings. These mentors are mentors because…

Read More at YounPro Elite’s blog by clicking on this link: The Benefits of Becoming a YoungPro Elite Chapter President

Favorites from September

September is nearing an end and this month proved eventful. Here are some other highlights from this last month:

  1. After almost a year of studying and passing numerous module tests, I’m now eligible to take the Certified Financial Planner (TM) exam. Now it’s time to really study!
  2. We introduced the new Well-Rounded Success logo and a graphic that displays the Well-Rounded Success model. Thank you to Jonathan Ronzio for his hard work. Check out his website to see his other work and how he can possibly help you.
  3. A good friend finished the Leadville 100 where he ran 100 miles of trails in Colorado in less than 24 hours! Well, this accomplishment took place in August but I still wanted to share my excitement. A future article will feature his story about how he accomplished this feat.

Denver YoungPro Elite: Second Chapter Meeting


YoungPro Elite kicked off our second Chapter Meeting and pushed our young professional participants to commit to writing down their personal vision and goals.

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A New Age Hard Worker

A phrase is tossed around with great intentions, yet few truly take advantage of its mantra. You read it on numerous motivational materials which inspire people to follow the message by trusting superstition. Now let’s discuss this phrase:

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

You know what many people qualify as hard work? You cold call hundreds of people disrupting their lives or leaving messages on their answering machines. You put your head down to build spreadsheet after spreadsheet with masterful formulas to impress someone that notices, “Wow, you put a lot of effort into this.” Or, you join meeting after meeting where you leave with a perplexed attitude because you ponder why your attendance was necessary.

I mention these three examples of typical “hard work” because how do these responsibilities advance your career?

Hard work comicHard Work Creates …

Hard work means getting tasks done for your Continue Reading

What is Well-Rounded Success?

Logo To no surprise, explains “Well-Rounded” as excellent. The British dictionary defines “Well-Rounded” as the adjective: full, varied, and satisfying a well-rounded life.

My motto, Well-Rounded Success, motivates me to live each day with purpose and intention. This phrase has inspired me to analyze what’s important to me over the last few months. It is my honor to explain this mission that motivates me and I hope to recruit some other like-minded people to join this journey towards Well-Rounded Success. Continue Reading