‘Tis the Season for Accepting Thanks

Jim CraigMr. Craig, you get a lot of compliments. How do you stay in the moment and truly appreciate when someone is extending themselves to you?

The first thing to do is listen. And be appreciative because you probably earned it.” Wise words from Jim Craig, the goaltender of the men’s ice hockey Olympic team who won the Miracle on Ice in 1980.

A lot easier said than done. Receiving compliments or other peoples’ gratitude can be awkward. We are taught at a young age to
deflect the compliment or to compliment the person in return. My first mental reactions are: “be humble, be modest, and don’t let it get to your head.” Or I think, “What I did was nothing so how do I compliment this person back?”

Well, this needs to change and I’ve done some research on how we can all be less awkward when it comes to receiving positive feedback. Keep reading so you can better appreciate these significant interactions and you’ll also gain a better understanding on how others act when you compliment them.

Many psychologists link the ability to accept positive feedback with self-esteem. People seek out information to validate their feelings of self-worth. If you feel crummy about yourself, you won’t be receptive to compliments. However, being uncomfortable with positive feedback is not always linked to self-esteem, cultural influences play a giant part. You don’t want to look cocky or self-righteous to others so you either deflect the compliment, “you’re just saying that,” or downplay the reason for the compliment, “what I did was nothing.

MarkTwainSo now it’s time to let these positive words of affirmation become the highlight of your day. The challenge I present to you: find a way to let these moments truly sink-in so you can respond in a sincere way.

Everyone knows when someone is being insincere when receiving a gift or a compliment. Try not to be that “…oh… great… I’ve always wanted this…. thank you….” person. Develop some strategies to understand the meaning of the person’s gift or positive feedback so you can become more authentic in these interactions.

Here are a few tips on how to let yourself appreciate these moments so you can feel sincere rather than awkward.

Form a Connection: It takes a lot out of people to extend themselves to compliment others. This person has chosen to connect with you with whatever they’re saying. Understand that this moment is more about the other person than you.

Create a Physical Routine: Whenever you notice someone is giving you positive feedback, train your mind to do something physical instead of letting your mind jump immediately to how you’ll respond. My trick is to physically lower my shoulders. This simple act lets my mind understand it’s time to listen.

Take a Deep Breath: You listened to the compliment and are letting it sink in, the best way to digest the compliment, words, or gift is to give yourself a second to process. Take a deep breath to let yourself have a moment to truly understand what just happened and then you can figure out how to respond appropriately.

You Made a Difference: If you notice you are downplaying your significance in what the person is saying, remember whatever you did is earning a compliment. You might not truly understand your role but you made a difference at the right time for this person.

Acknowledge Others’ Roles: Don’t hog the spotlight if you don’t deserve the spotlight. If others participated in the project earning praise, be sure to acknowledge their efforts. You will gain more trust from these team members and also feel better for sharing the praise with others.

Pat Yourself on the Back: Get mentally excited that you positively influenced another person! As Jim Craig said, “… you probably earned it.” You are likely working hard in multiple areas of your life and you did something that impacted others. Congratulate yourself and be appreciative that others are benefiting from all you’re accomplishing!

Strive to Positively Influence


My Quarter-Life Crisis and How to Install “YourNameHere” 2.0

Greetings Dan 1.0,NapoleonHill

Dan 2.0 here. As a heads up, you’re about to install some software updates. And it’s going to suck. You’ll go through some struggles, some crises, and some bad luck.

Let me assure you, it’s worth it. Your bad days all occur to make you stronger, more durable, and more mentally conditioned. Let the tears flow, let your frustrations overwhelm you, and pick yourself back up. Keep trying.

Dan 2.0 feels good and I’m looking forward to experiencing Dan 3.0. And, it’s probably going to suck installing the upcoming updates as well.


Dan 2.0

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Sharpen Your Focus

It takes effort to focus. In a world filled with distractions you need to take ownership over your ability to concentrate. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Here are some examples:

  • A factor to Twitter’s success is that tweets are limited to 140 characters.
  • A new social media app called Vine allows users to share videos which are only six seconds long.
  • A friend shares a YouTube video that’s five minutes long and you immediately cringe at the video’s length.
  • Golf and classic board games are losing their appeal to younger generations.
  • A large number of behind the wheel look down while driving because they’re fidgeting on their phones.
  • Books and articles are featuring larger print, shorter chapters, and are sometimes broken up into spaced-out sentences so the reader feels like they’re conquering the material quickly.
    • One of my favorite Family Guy quotes is from Lois Griffin explaining Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code:

      “Oh and the chapters are only about two pages long so you feel really smart when you read it.”

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Your Target Mood Distribution

Let the controversy begin! Even writing this article proved uncomfortable due to the pressures from society. Hustle, hustle, and then hustle. And when you’re done with that, hustle more. Work hard. Produce results. Create something innovative. Don’t settle.

Are you feelings these pressures, too?

My question to you: why can’t you be human? Life consists of good moments, bad moments, and meh moments. Why can’t we acknowledge that bad and meh moments exist?

To clarify, meh as an adjective describes mediocre or unremarkable.  A lot of our lives consist of unremarkable moments. Here’s a short video to help you relate to meh:


Artificial Lands without Meh

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Hey, Where’d You Get that Story?

1) Think back to your latest fond memory of a vacation. This vacation could be an international excursion, a weekend getaway, or an adventure in your local town.

2) Now, think back to your latest purchase that you spent on yourself which cost more than $100.00.

Chances are that your mind was in a much more pleasant state recalling the first point.

Your Collection

  • Which do you prefer collecting: things that are useful or decorative around the house or photo albums?

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