Pulling Off a Perfect Proposal

Significant life events excite everyone, especially whIMG_3098en you create a deadline for one. The preparation and anticipation leading up to the deadline motivate you to put your head down and do whatever it takes to pull off the memorable event. My recent self-imposed deadline happened when I proposed to my ex-girlfriend; who is now my fiancée! Just like any other big task that needs addressing, planning a proposal proved challenging which tested me to problem-solve on the fly as well as handle my enthusiasm secretly so I didn’t spoil the surprise. Continue Reading


What is Your Identity?

CompassEveryone looks back at decisions made in the past and contemplate how life could be different. What would your life be like if you took that job in Atlanta instead of Aspen? What if you chose to go to a different college?
Life would be different. You would have met different friends, learned different work/life skills, and remember different memories. No matter what path your journey took place, you would be you, and possibly a different you.

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Learn From Success: 5 Interviews with Inspiring Leaders

Are you inspired by people in your network? If you aren’t, you need to meet some new people.

Being successful in my business is important to me and these individuals motivate me to follow my passion to positively influence the lives of my clients. My last article encouraged you to reach out to individuals in your network and to learn how their work skills benefit their daily lives.

During these interviews, each mentor had some great advice for success. These words of wisdom are helping me improve my business, and life in general, and I hope they motivate you to reach success with me.

First of all, thank you to all these fantastic people for their time and willingness to answer my questions. It was a great opportunity to catch up and to learn about their distinguished careers.

Ralph Rubio – Co-Founder of Rubio’s, a Fresh Mexican restaurant chain with over 190 locations.
Ralph and his father opened their first Rubio’s in 1983 in Mission Bay, San Diego, and took the company public in 1999.

“Watch Every Dollar.” Continue Reading

Here’s a Quick Way to Prevent Mistakes

For Really Big MistakesHave you ever picked up a new tool, approached the task, and instantly saw the results you intended? Or joined a friend for their favorite sport and exceled instantly during your first try? Pretty good feeling, right? Happen often? Nope. There is a learning curve for pretty much everything.  If you want to learn a new gadget, hobby, sport, or life-changing habit, you generally have to go through some frustrations before seeing the desired results. Continue Reading