Hey, Where’d You Get that Story?

1) Think back to your latest fond memory of a vacation. This vacation could be an international excursion, a weekend getaway, or an adventure in your local town.

2) Now, think back to your latest purchase that you spent on yourself which cost more than $100.00.

Chances are that your mind was in a much more pleasant state recalling the first point.

Your Collection

  • Which do you prefer collecting: things that are useful or decorative around the house or photo albums?

Material objects bring joy and help make life easier or simply just look pretty; but life Collectionshouldn’t be about collecting furnishings upon furnishings in your house. Very few biographies describe the household amenities a person bought during his or her lifetime.

Also, if you’ve experienced an estate sale, someone’s own collection of furnishings becomes another man’s treasure as the surviving family has no desire to keep the items. Now ask yourself this question: Continue Reading