What is Well-Rounded Success?

Logo To no surprise, Thesaurus.com explains “Well-Rounded” as excellent. The British dictionary defines “Well-Rounded” as the adjective: full, varied, and satisfying a well-rounded life.

My motto, Well-Rounded Success, motivates me to live each day with purpose and intention. This phrase has inspired me to analyze what’s important to me over the last few months. It is my honor to explain this mission that motivates me and I hope to recruit some other like-minded people to join this journey towards Well-Rounded Success.

Why Pursue This?

Responsibilities surface at inconvenient times. Relationships demand attention, your doctor explains an issue that needs addressing, your workplace enforces a deadline, or your mind decides to experience a crisis. Each person that you see in passing experiences these issues just like you. The strangers on this globe create paths that you’ll never understand. Your duty is to provide harmony and empathy for your fellow kin while establishing your own place among them.

  • By deliberately contributing to certain areas of your life, you’ll gain the freedom to live the life you intend as well as the ability to proactively manage life’s many curveballs.

Personal development allows you to maintain your own personal code while improving your future self. If you follow this Well-Rounded Success model, you’ll create a personal mission that lets you sleep peacefully, write your own legacy, and improve your future self for the challenges ahead.

What is Well-Rounded Success?

There are five areas of your life that you need to influence in order to find future success, inner peace, and a positive legacy. These are listed in no specific order because they all deserve equal attention.

 WRS Brand Pillars


We only have one body, take care of it.  By eating healthy and exercising regularly you minimize the likelihood of preventable diseases.  In other words, maintain an active lifestyle today to spend less time in a doctor’s office tomorrow.  Like a healthy body, a healthy foundation allows you the ability to juggle the responsibilities of adulthood. Keep up with your bills, lay the groundwork for your life, and reach financial security. These obligations allow you the freedom to pursue optional paths rather than experience life under the control of a paycheck, a preventable illness, or a creditor.

  • Eat Right
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Get Rest & Sleep
  • Manage Your Responsibilities


Your inner peace and contentment with who you are dictate your overall well-being. Self-reflection, personal development, and finding avenues to enjoy your day allow you to rejuvenate the soul to continue life’s many journeys.

  • Participate in Hobbies for Self-Enjoyment
  • Read Books for Self-Development & for Fun
  • Unplug to Meditate, Self-Reflect, and/or Walk Alone with Only Your Thoughts
  • Travel & Spend Time Outdoors


Your professional role solves specific problems for your employer, employees, your clients, and/or your customers. It is your duty to keep solving these problems and to learn how to solve new ones. Bettering your professional skillset ensures you conquer each work task with the ambition to keep improving. Discover the purpose and meaning of your work which allows you to feel fulfilled from your efforts. Never stop progressing and developing your skillsets so you can prepare for the future work tasks ahead.

  • Never Stop Learning New Skills
  • Fine Tune Existing Skills
  • Keep Solving Problems
  • Network


The people in your life need attention and you need to make time to connect with them. Many people wait for the phone to ring or an email to arrive in their inbox. If you want someone in your life, then take the initiative to involve them in your life. Own the relationship! Family and friends benefit your life by understanding your role in the world with an outside view. Chances are many of these people see you at the peaks and the troughs of your roller coaster life journey. Seek out the advice from family members, friends, colleagues, and mentors to continue your relationships and return the favor as well.

  • Own the Relationships
  • Converse Regularly
  • Spend Time Together
  • Recognize & Acknowledge Their Importance


In order to truly appreciate the fortunes bestowed upon your hard work and your life’s circumstances, you need to stay humble and lend a helping hand to improve the community. Some people lend a hand, others write checks; find a cause and an outlet to proactively influence some type of work that helps the world in some way.

  • Volunteer in Hands-On Projects
  • Donate your Time and/or Skills to a Non-Profit Cause
  • Live in Harmony with People
  • Respect the Environment

What to Do?

Life is a balancing act. These three categories: Good days, average days, and bad days all describe each day of your life. You have the opportunity to approach each one these days with a sense of purpose to better the next. Today’s tomorrow is a day you can improve today. Make the days that you experience define you if your tomorrow doesn’t occur.

The trick is to never stop learning. Read articles, read books, watch TED talks, visit this site, read the paper, talk to experts, or find other like-minded professionals in peer groups. Information sources are out there to be tapped.

You have many options to follow my efforts and to find guidance on achieving Well-Rounded Success. Please find the options that best suit you and I look forward to being in touch.

  • Visit this site often for new articles that promote development
  • Come join one of the many events that we host to benefit the community (Upcoming events is a feature on this website)
  • Participate in our Peer Group, YoungPro Elite, that we’re launching in August, 2014 (www.youngproelite.com)
  • Follow my Twitter account where I enjoy sharing the articles, books, and the other tidbits of knowledge that I enjoy learning (@DanielCAndrews)
  • If you need help in generating ideas on how to approach your own personal and/or professional development, please reach out to my email.

Thank you for your visit and let’s achieve Well-Rounded Success together!

Many Thanks,

Daniel C. Andrews

Founder & Author

Well-Rounded Success



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