Your Year in Perspective

Your personal story is about to conclude another chapter. Just like being engrossed in a good book, you don’t usually analyze the last chapter because you’re eager to discover what’s next.

Unlike a good book, you’re the author of your personal story. What twists and turns do you want in your future chapters?

During this time of year it’s common for many articles to focus on how to make next year door chartbetter and more productive.  Yet, so few encourage you to understand why this last year counts towards your personal story.

My challenge to you is to slow down and take a look at your calendars from the past year and list out the significant events – good and bad – and define why this last year mattered.

Well-Rounded Success’ first ever exercise is free and if you click this link, you’ll have access to print it to complete on your own.

Disclaimer: It’s important to complete this exercise in one go. If you leave half-way through, you’ll be in a melancholic state. You wouldn’t leave The Lion King after Mufasa dies, right?

A Revelation

After my own exercise, I realized that this year was great. The positives far outnumbered the negatives. And by readdressing my calendars and thinking back on the fun activities and milestones, my mood and confidence immediately improved. Yet, my mind didn’t let me appreciate all these fortunate happenings throughout the year. Just like a local news channel, negative news gets attention when positive news gets little air time.

Your Turn

Before you craft the perfect New Year’s Resolution, define this last year. The University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology discovered that only 8% of people complete their New Year’s Resolutions. I encourage you to visit their findings here.  Yet, the Harvard Business Journal’s article titled, How Leaders Become Self-Aware, said:

“Self-reflection and its reward of self-awareness cannot be thought of as passive exercises, new era meditation, or soft science. They’re absolutely essential.”

So why not give this exercise a shot? You’ll gain wisdom, gratification, and self-awareness. And to give you another chance, here’s the link to the exercise again:

Happy New Year everyone!

In Remembrance

This post is dedicated to Bandit.

A member of our family, a dear friend, and an entertaining sidekick.

We are happy that we could throw the ball for him for so many years and will treasure the memories.



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