Your Year in Perspective

Your personal story is about to conclude another chapter. Just like being engrossed in a good book, you don’t usually analyze the last chapter because you’re eager to discover what’s next.

Unlike a good book, you’re the author of your personal story. What twists and turns do you want in your future chapters?

During this time of year it’s common for many articles to focus on how to make next year door chartbetter and more productive.  Yet, so few encourage you to understand why this last year counts towards your personal story.

My challenge to you is to slow down and take a look at your calendars from the past year and list out the significant events – good and bad – and define why this last year mattered.

Well-Rounded Success’ first ever exercise is free and if you click this link, you’ll have access to print it to complete on your own.

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Favorites from September

September is nearing an end and this month proved eventful. Here are some other highlights from this last month:

  1. After almost a year of studying and passing numerous module tests, I’m now eligible to take the Certified Financial Planner (TM) exam. Now it’s time to really study!
  2. We introduced the new Well-Rounded Success logo and a graphic that displays the Well-Rounded Success model. Thank you to Jonathan Ronzio for his hard work. Check out his website to see his other work and how he can possibly help you.
  3. A good friend finished the Leadville 100 where he ran 100 miles of trails in Colorado in less than 24 hours! Well, this accomplishment took place in August but I still wanted to share my excitement. A future article will feature his story about how he accomplished this feat.

Denver YoungPro Elite: Second Chapter Meeting


YoungPro Elite kicked off our second Chapter Meeting and pushed our young professional participants to commit to writing down their personal vision and goals.

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What is Well-Rounded Success?

Logo To no surprise, explains “Well-Rounded” as excellent. The British dictionary defines “Well-Rounded” as the adjective: full, varied, and satisfying a well-rounded life.

My motto, Well-Rounded Success, motivates me to live each day with purpose and intention. This phrase has inspired me to analyze what’s important to me over the last few months. It is my honor to explain this mission that motivates me and I hope to recruit some other like-minded people to join this journey towards Well-Rounded Success. Continue Reading

5 Tips to Build Better Rapport at Networking Events

“Can I have your business card?”

“Why? You don’t even know who I am!?”

Networking events are filled with many different characters. There is always the person who “throws up” on you and discusses why they are so great and how they have “the perfect opportunity specifically for you.” Then there are the people that are there to strictly generate leads. “Can I have your card? Can I have your card? Did I ask yet if I can have your card?”

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Today’s Prescription: Self-Applied Pressure in Moderation

“I’m really excited for my next article. I’m going to be very critical of myself.” I said.

“Don’t you see the irony in this? You’re being critical of yourself when you’re telling people not to be so critical,” rebuked Lauren.

Self-applied pressure gets in the way of your sense of accomplishment, ability to be grateful, productivity, and overall happiness. You can apply a healthy amount of pressure to push you to be better and to motivate you to accomplish tasks that are normally outside of your comfort zone. However, as Mark Twain wisely said, “All things in moderation, including moderation.”

“I’m too hard on myself.”weight-off-my-shoulders

The past is the past. Today’s decisions are the only parts of life that you control. Yeah, if I read all of those books in high school and college, I would probably be more knowledgeable. If I did at least 100 crunches a day for the last ten years, my Buddha belly wouldn’t exist. Why fret about these things? Stressing about how you can be better, how you wish you had made different decisions, or how you aren’t doing enough can decrease your productivity and negatively affect your happiness. Continue Reading