Your Target Mood Distribution

Let the controversy begin! Even writing this article proved uncomfortable due to the pressures from society. Hustle, hustle, and then hustle. And when you’re done with that, hustle more. Work hard. Produce results. Create something innovative. Don’t settle.

Are you feelings these pressures, too?

My question to you: why can’t you be human? Life consists of good moments, bad moments, and meh moments. Why can’t we acknowledge that bad and meh moments exist?

To clarify, meh as an adjective describes mediocre or unremarkable.  A lot of our lives consist of unremarkable moments. Here’s a short video to help you relate to meh:


Artificial Lands without Meh

Social media showcases good moments. Someone’s bad moments are Continue Reading


Legacy Planning Basics

There is an 89.65% chance that you won’t needThings to Do any of this advice until much later in life. One of youth’s benefits for most Americans is good health and an optimistic outlook on the future. According to a World Health Organization study in 2013, the probability of premature death for Americans aged between 15 to 60 years is 10.35% (13.0% for men and 7.7% for females). That means that 89.65% of Americans that reach age 15 will Continue Reading

Earn That Milestone!


What do you need to do to reach your milestone? You already know.

Goals, dreams, aspirations, and future accomplishments are in your sights, yet, so many of you let insecurity and uncertainty prevent you from taking necessary action. That very mindset plagues me as well. However, a commitment to persevere can motivate you to conquer one milestone after another.

Disclaimer: You won’t find any tricks in this writing which identify shortcuts to reach milestones any easier. You’ll only find principles to help you along the way. It’s your job to work hard so you can look back on that daunting task that proved challenging and know with pride that you earned that milestone! Continue Reading

The Benefits of Becoming a YoungPro Elite Chapter President

In my businesses, gaining trust is

You don’t gain trust by sitting in your office, waiting for the phone to ring or an email to arrive in your inbox. You gain trust by adding value to the relationships that you intentionally preserve.

I chose to lead this YoungPro Elite Chapter since I’m proactively growing my businesses and searching for new opportunities and clients.

YPE-Logo-VerticalYoungPro Elite also gives me the opportunity to grow professionally.

I’m lucky that numerous mentors, who are older than I am, sit down with me to give me their advice, but there is a lifestyle gap in these meetings. These mentors are mentors because…

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